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  • Covenant

    !(media-item-align-right)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/46836/warden_symbol.png(Warden symbol)!The Covenant is a organization that exists outside of all kingdoms for the sake of the people. Its members are looked upon almost religiously. They are …

  • Montus Antiquus

    Stories told in the back of seedy bars give the name Montus Antiquus to a Guild of Thieves that operates in the kingdoms of [[Dragghen]] and [[Vaeldar]]

  • Bounty Hunter's Guild

    The so named Bounty Hunter's Guild operates in the Kingdom of [[Dragghen]] and their primary job is to hunt the lawless and war criminals from [[Kiblex]] and [[Vaeldar]] who seek refuge within its sphere of influence. h3. Bounty Board

  • Society of World Travelers

    The Societ of World Travelers is a Gentlemen's club of explorers. They gather in hall throughout the known lands to share tales of their exploits and to glean rumors of possible sites to explore.

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