Warden symbolThe Covenant is a organization that exists outside of all kingdoms for the sake of the people. Its members are looked upon almost religiously. They are the restorers of the technology of the Time Before, and cleaners of the horrors that still exist from the same era – the Morlocks.


  • Warden – One part Peace-Keeper and one part Troubleshooter, Wardens are as feared as they are revered.
  • Curator – Cataloger of knowledge, the Curator of the Covenant are responsible for gathering knowledge lost since Oblivion to better understand what happened so that it might not happen again.
  • Custodian – Custodian of Steam, these members of the Covenant are trained in the restoration and maintenance of technology. It is to the Custodian that all nations rely on to keep the Clockwerks operational.

The Truth

It has been revealed that the Covenant is actually a organization created by Eniku to ruled the ground based humans through ignorance and false faith. The secret was generally known only to the Curators, who were actually Eniku agents. The ration bars they distributed to the people over the years were actually remains of experiments with humans that ultimately created the Morelocks.


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