Five Hundred Years ago

Great War between the Kingdom of Eniku and the rebellion, consisting of the following Kingdoms: Rashtarr, Vaeldar, Dragghen, Kiblex, and Tavish.

Eniku was led by a group known as the Ministry of Gog’Magog. The Leaders of the Rebellion, in order of their appearance above is as follows: Holy Mother Lillian, Reginald Hallstat, T’Ziel Davenport, Khravix Trennel, and Aliel – daughter of Lyte.

During the war, there was a love triangle between T’Ziel, Lillian, and Khravix. At a major turning point in the war, Aliel made a deal with the Ministry to ensure the survival of her nation. Lillian died as a result of this action.

T’Ziel’s madness: T’Ziel swore revenge and discovered The Source and seemed to gain absolute power with the desire to destroy god. All the nations joined to stop him, which led to a near extinction level event and he disappeared.

Khravix’s madness: Khravix swore revenge…. and joined the enemy?!? Now working for Eniku for reasons unknown.

Aftermath: Vaeldar and Kiblex in an eternal struggle, with Dragghen the middleman in the fight. The Covenant was founded to give the people religious guidance that was not the holy mother. Tavish now a floating city, alive but nationless. T’Ziel is now a bodysnatcher, capturing his descendants – the Contact.


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