A Steampunk tale…

Nearly half a millennia after a great catastrophe nearly destroyed civilization, the age of steam is once again in full swing. On Sheni, the largest continent on the world of Charyn, two great nations continue to wage war against each other – the desert kingdom of Vaeldar and the great empire of Kiblex. Some say that the conflict between the two kingdoms is what caused the cataclysm some 500 years before, others say it is a by product of it. For the kingdom of Dragghen, which lies between the two great nations, it doesn’t matter. The small kingdom has been the site of many a battle between the two nations, barely holding onto its own independence. To the north of the three kingdoms lies the Theocracy of Rashtarr, her Holy Mother speaking peace to both sides though neither seems to hear it.

The spoils of war? Excavation sites litter the world as kingdom’s and men both seek to uncover more technology and weaponry from the time before. Huge suits of clockwork armor, known as Steamwerks, and spheres capable of storing massive quantities of pressurized steam that can power nearly anything lie hidden beneath the surface waiting to be found. A organization known as The Covenant exists independent of all kingdoms for the purpose of repairing and maintaining the ancient technology.

The Sound of Steam

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